Are you looking for a smart way to structure and find Confluence documentation?

  • By using RefinedWiki Original Theme, an add on for Atlassian Confluence, you can:

    • Structure documentation fast
    • Change the space layout to document smarter
    • Create a confluence documentation theme

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Smarter Confluence Documentation

Organize your Confluence documentation spaces into categories and subcategories to structure and find content fast.

Smarter Confluence Documentation

RefinedWiki Original Theme - An add-on that helps create a smart Confluence documentation solution

Confluence Documentation

Align the user interface for your documentation with a predefined documentation space type.

Confluence Space Layout for Documentation

You can also edit the space layout by adding or removing items and macros. In this way you can do a custom made space type suitable for your team.

Design a Confluence Documentation Theme

In a few steps you can create a Confluence theme for your documentation wiki.

Confluence Documentation Theme