• Create a seamless Confluence experience on your smartphone and start collaborating on the go.

    Create a seamless Confluence experience on your smartphone and start collaborating on the go.



Content at your fingertips, wherever you are

Easy navigation

The navigation tree creates a hierarchical view of all your Confluence content. From wherever you are you can use the tree to reach another page.

If you're using RefinedWiki Original Theme then your categories and subcategories are included in the tree hierarchy.

Find stuff fast with live search

Start typing into the search field and a list of results will show as you type.

Take Confluence everywhere

Need to get a product update fast but can't get to the office? With Mobile Interface you can access your Confluence spaces, pages, recent activities or blog posts from wherever you are, whenever you want.

Automatic redirection to the Mobile Interface

You can choose to either automatically redirect mobile and iPad users to the Mobile Interface, or instead display a link at the top of each page for manual redirection.

Never miss a moment

Notification and tasks

View and respond to notifications and tasks directly from the Mobile Interface. NOTE: Notifications & Tasks are available if you are running Confluence 4.3.x or later.

Like & comment

'Like' or comment on pages and blog posts, then check out what's most popular with your colleagues.

Keep in touch

Contact a user

Need to contact someone in your Confluence network? Simply browse the user list then click on the email or phone icon.

User details

User profiles include contact details, position/title, department, Confluence status updates and Skype/HipChat account info.

Follow Users

Add colleagues to your network to receive their activity updates.


Bookmark favorite pages and spaces then access them anytime from the favorites button in the menu.

Hey good looking!

Each section of the Mobile Interface can be designed. You can add a different color to:

  • Global section
  • Space section
  • Page section
  • Blogpost section
  • User section
  • Label section

Even more joy if you use our other add-ons

Categories and subcategories within the navigation

If you use RefinedWiki Original Theme, the Mobile Interface navigation tree includes categories and subcategories, making navigation even easier.

Complement your Intranet or Extranet

Do you use RefinedWiki Original Theme to make Confluence an Intranet or Extranet? If so our Mobile Interface is the perfect companion to share content with employees or customers, wherever they are.

Chat is just a click away

Chat with colleagues using Skype or HipChat via the user details page.

Enterprise ready

For large organizations the Mobile Interface gives maximum permission control in the same way Confluence does. Users can only see spaces, pages and links they've been given permission to view.

If you're using RefinedWiki Original Theme, the same permission settings for categories and subcategories can be applied in the Mobile Interface.