What's new

Introducing RefinedWiki Mobile Interface 3.0

We're excited to introduce a release packed full of new features. It comes with a completely new UI which greatly enhances the Mobile experience of Confluence. Here are a few of the highlights:

Maximize the capabilities of Confluence on any device

The new UI maximizes the capabilities of Confluence, creating a better experience for smartphone or tablet. The dashboard is fully responsive, one column for mobile and two for tablet, so it will modify depending on the device you’re using.

Navigation that is tailored to you

Mobile Interface comes with several configurable modules like the navigation tree, favourites, people directory, activity stream, news and more. These modules are located in the left and right side-panels, which makes it even easier to tailor Mobile Interface to your organisation.

By configuring the permissions and order for each module, you can easily customize how and when modules are shown.

Personalize your interface with theming

We’ve created a new Theme editor that makes it simple to customize the look of your Mobile Interface however you like. And If you are using RefinedWiki Original Theme you can import any theme or color variation already selected to match your mobile interface with your desktop Original Theme instance.

Photo sharing made easy

Due to popular demand photos can now be added to a page or in a comment by choosing from your device’s album, or taking a new picture. Want to share those meeting notes scribbled on the whiteboard? Simply snap a photo and hit upload.

A branded app icon

Use your company logo as the app icon for the Mobile Interface so the whole experience feels personal and on brand.

Customizable dashboard made for you

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface you can customize your dashboard to suit you. On the dashboard, you can place any of our mobile friendly macros such as the activity stream or news macro.

There are lots of other surprises and new features waiting for you in v3.0, so go check it out!

For more information: Full release notes OR Product site

Introducing RefinedWiki Mobile Interface 3.1

We're excited to introduce a release with new features including support for Confluence Questions, Team Calendars, more macros and we've also enhanced the navigation panel. Here are a few of the highlights:

Navigation made easy

In the navigation panel you can easily reach a hierarchical view of all Confluence content and access news, users and Confluence Questions.

Interact with Confluence Questions

Now we've added support for Confluence Questions, meaning you can ask, view and interact directly with Questions on the go.

Overview activities with Team Calendars

The added support for Team Calendars makes it simple to view your upcoming events list with planned meetings, travels and vacation.

Support for more macros

We've also added support for a lot of new macros.

There are lots of other surprises and new features waiting for you in v3.1, so go check it out!

For more information: Full release notes OR Product site