• Enhance your Confluence experience

    Never forget a thing - RefinedTodo keeps track of your ENTIRE workday.

Organize Content

Make Confluence more efficient by adding content to categories and subcategories. Connect users and user groups to categories and assign roles so identifying team members and seeing who's responsible for what, is easy.

Tailor to your needs

Customize Confluence to fit your needs. Add dashboards to categories and subcategories and edit space layouts for greater flexibility. Whether it's a collaboration tool, a documentation site or a fully fledged Intranet.

Brand your experience

The ThemeEditor gives you the power to style your Confluence to match your company brand in a few clicks. And you don't have to use the same theme everywhere, mix and match to suit the different areas of your site. Check out themes.refinedwiki.com to get inspired.


More features

  • Blog Functionality
  • Personal Dashboards
  • Enhance Footer
  • Epic Keyboard Navigation
  • Global Sidebar