Setting up RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk 1.2 like a pro

Tuesday the 24th of October. 10AM CEST

The last release of RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk 1.1 came with a lot of new features including recommended links and mobile responsiveness and the new release 1.2 is just about here. Support and Test Manager, Maria Heij will present the latest features of RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk and demonstrate how to implement these for a themed and tailored Jira Service Desk experience.

Confluence with a purpose using RefinedTheme for Confluence 5.X

Recorded on Tuesday the 17th of October.

Top selling app on the Atlassian Marketplace, RefinedTheme for Confluence is full of many features you may or may not be familiar with.

In 20 min or less Product Manager, Martin Pedersen showed how to optimally set up RefinedTheme for Confluence for a customized Confluence site that is both styled to represent your brand and organized for a better user experience.