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7 steps to create a kick-ass Confluence using RefinedTheme

Using RefinedTheme for Confluence we demonstrate how gaming company Arctic Rim built and delivered a kick-ass Confluence for their organization.

How 3 Partners Revamped their Jira Service Desk with RefinedTheme

We have highly skilled partners worldwide who implement our apps for customers and provide advanced customizations and technical solutions. Quite a few of these Partners have rolled out our app RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk on their own support service. We share three examples of great finished support sites we've seen and hopefully give you some ideas on how you can work with the app yourselves.

Ready-made Confluence
and Jira Service Desk
Holiday Theme for
Your Use

One of the keys to engaging users on Confluence and Jira Service Desk is to keep the content and design up to date and modern. Or in other words, make your content and design agile. This holiday season we are making this easy for you by giving you a ready-made holiday theme.

Make Confluence pages
feel like home - New
release of RefinedTheme

Your go-to Confluence theme app, RefinedTheme just took things up a notch. Introducing the Content Layout Macro for pages, preview and drafts for the layout editor tool, re-ordering of sites, and news and search module improvements.

24 advent tips that will
improve a Confluence
and Jira Service Desk
UX no end

Refined are counting the days until Christmas with our very own UX inspired advent calendar. Each day of advent we will add a useful tip for using Confluence and Jira Service Desk. By Christmas you will have 24 helpful tips in the bag.

How to combine a non-themed Confluence site and a themed Confluence site in one instance

In the major release of RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.x it became possible to combine a non-themed Confluence site with a Confluence site where RefinedTheme is applied.

10 essential content
modules to help
Confluence and Jira users
find useful information

RefinedWiki's apps come with many handy content modules to give teams the tools to display useful content well.

Key product updates
and announcements from
Atlassian Summit 2018

Atlassian's annual user conference, the Atlassian Summit, took place at the beginning of September in the great city of Barcelona. RefinedWiki represented once again in its signature green as gold sponsors.

Your support site, your custom domain, for Jira Service Desk Cloud

Generic, unpersonalized support services can struggle to adopt users. This problem of adoption can be avoided with a few simple yet effective customizations that transform a support service such as Jira Service Desk into your own. 

How the RefinedWiki
tech team is achieving
gender diversity

In the tech industry, an equal number of women to men on a tech team is extremely uncommon, and moreover, there is already a small pool of female applicants. With a bit of luck and focus on having an open company culture, the chances of achieving gender diversity might increase, as it did for us at RefinedWiki.