Success Story EOS Group

About EOS Group

Global Financial Service Providers

EOS Group is a leading international provider of customized financial services. Their main focus is on receivables management covering three key business segments: fiduciary collection, debt purchase and business process outsourcing.

Established in 2000, EOS Group consists of a selection of specialized companies aiming to bring together many years of financial experience in global and local markets. The group began as Deutscher Inkasso-Dienst (German debt collection service) in the Otto legal department and remains today a 100% Otto Group company. The group consists of more than 60 companies operating in over 25 countries. With headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, the company boasts around 10,000 employees.

About demicon GmbH

Atlassian Gold Solution partner and partner of RefinedWiki

demicon GmbH is a German based Management and IT consulting company. They are official Atlassian Gold Solution partners and a partner of RefinedWiki. Their team of IT-experts and consultants possess many years of experience in concept development and implementation of customized Atlassian Software collaboration tools.

We spoke with Lars Bachmann, Senior Principal Consultant for Atlassian Confluence. Lars is interested in how social intranets benefit companies by providing a productive and innovative working environment. In particular, his interest is captured in the way Confluence facilitates innovation, communication and project management. 

Background to the EOS Group project

In November 2016 EOS approached demicon for a digital collaboration solution and by the end of February 2017, EOS had a live working solution.

EOS Group have been using Confluence in some business divisions since 2013. Until recently, EOS had a number of different intranet services in use, including their own company intranet service which had a major relaunch in 2009. The main problem was that their company intranet was not optimized for collaboration purposes and they didn’t have a consistent platform in use across the entire EOS Group. In 2017 with direction from Demicon, EOS reformed their social intranet, combining the company intranet system with Confluence and introducing a wholesome collaboration experience. 

The Goal

For demicon, the overall goal was to create a solution that reflected the EOS Group values and culture and a solution that was in line with their digitalization strategy. The project involved merging internal platforms (Confluence and the company intranet) to provide a clean, social business intranet platform for all employees at EOS.

With 10,000 employees, collaboration is not an easy task but for EOS group, collaboration was an important part of the culture so they were determined to find a workable solution. EOS Group is open-minded, progressive and relaxed when it comes to their Confluence platform, impressive attributes for a company of this size. To paint the picture, thousands of blog posts were written since 2013 by the employees and hundreds of spaces are used for working in teams and projects.

With this number of employees collaborating on a platform like Confluence, the challenge is to find a structure and navigation that works. The more content and knowledge that is preserved and shared on Confluence the more important it is to create a structure so that content can be found and used. Consequently one of the biggest challenges was to put the complexity of a working space for 10,000 employees into an information architecture that is both flexible and easy to understand.

We asked Lars why demicon decided to implement RefinedTheme for Confluence:

“Confluence out-of-the-box is a great product, however at enterprise level you will have to do a bit more – especially, if you want to gain a high acceptance and adoption for a digital workplace with excellent usability and user experience. RefinedTheme offers a fantastic toolset that makes it easier to create better information architecture for the user.”  – Lars Bachmann

The Solution

demicon used their expertise to combine the company intranet, Confluence and Refined Theme to create the EOS collaboration platform. For EOS Group the ideal platform would constitute both a wiki and a Social Business Intranet. demicon knew from experience that mixing up wikis and Social Intranets can be unstructured and messy, but with Refined Theme’s features and their own technical expertise on hand, the ideal solution was made possible.




“With RefinedTheme features, it works. For instance with categories on a menu level, subcategories, a lot of individual dashboards in order to aggregate content and an extra colour scheme for the wiki-spaces. As an additional feature, we developed a user-macro on top of Refined that we call “Category-Search”. It is a simple structured function on category-level which checks all spaces that belong to a category in realtime.” – Lars Bachmann

The following add-ons – among others – are tied to the solution:

As well as this a selection of user Macros were custom made by demicon for the EOS Collaboration solution. Some of these included an Alter-Newsticker that displays IT-warnings based on chosen Confluence-language and the Category-Search that is used with RefinedTheme’s category function.

The result

EOS Group now operates with a highly effective software collaboration tool based on Confluence and RefinedTheme to facilitate collaboration between 10,000 employees.

If your company is seeking sound financial service, look no further than EOS Group.

If your company is seeking a customized Confluence solution we recommend getting in touch with the experts at demicon. They offered the following advice for companies seeking a Confluence solution:

Take care of all stakeholders before and during the deployment
Communication is everything.
Just do it!