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RefinedTheme for Confluence 6.X

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Making Confluence content organized, visual and accessible

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Sites. Sharper UI. More Structure. Better layout. The Biggest Release Yet.

The new release comes with many new features and updates to the old favorites.

What's new?


RefinedTheme brings the tools to make Confluence engaging, structured and easy to navigate. Here are just some of the tools you can use to get more out of Confluence.


Multiple use cases in the one Confluence

Use the added Site structure to build a social intranet, a documentation site, AND a project collaboration site within the one Confluence. Alternatively, bring your remote offices together with a Paris site, a London site and a New York site, all within the one Confluence instance.

Apply your theme and improve the UI

Sharpen the look of Confluence automatically just by activating a theme. Use our inbuilt ThemeEditor to style your Confluence and match your company brand in a few clicks. You can use the same theme everywhere, or mix and match to suit the different areas of your site, or sites.

Gain structure with Sites and Categories

Remove the clutter and organize content by organizing spaces into Categories, and Categories into Sites.

Quick navigation to useful content

Navigate and find content efficiently by adding quick links and quick navigation content to dashboards and category homes. Use the category menu to navigate to spaces or search on a dashboard.

Improve the layout and build content on spaces and dashboards to display what matters

Use our simple but powerful inbuilt layout editor to build customized space layouts and dashboard layouts. Choose from a curated collection of content modules and macros to match the site, category and space to your purpose.

Tailor Confluence to your user

Help the user to engage using view permissions to only show relevant content as well as text variables and content modules including ‘my work and ‘my activity’ to personalize the experience.

RefinedTheme is a Data Center approved app

To be approved, this top selling Marketplace app has been built and tested against a rigorous Data Center standard. This includes how the app handles cache operations, support required databases, implements locking and availability in clustered environments, and manages event handlers, just to name a few. RefinedTheme for Confluence Data Center customers also benefit from escalated support.

Join the next webinar on RefinedTheme

Learn how to build a kick-ass Confluence using RefinedTheme in our next webinar on the 16th of January. We will take you through the essential building blocks to creating a visual, useful Confluence that fits your purpose. RefinedTheme screens

RefinedTheme for Confluence Server

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RefinedTheme for Confluence Server

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Customers using this app

More than 3000 customers around the world use Refined Theme for Confluence to get more out of Confluence.

Use Cases of RefinedTheme for Confluence

Social Intranet / Wiki

Represent your company brand and make Confluence easy for the user. Great for all teams using Confluence as an intranet.

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Technical / Documentation

Display the product information that matters most, first. Great for IT and software teams with public documentation and/or support.

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Other public facing sites

Keep users informed and engaged. Great for Academia, organizations, institutions, anyone wanting to collaborate on a public facing instance.

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