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What’s new?

Added Structure with Sites

We added a new level of organization called Sites. Categories can now be placed into a Site, and each Confluence instance can have multiple Sites.

More than one use case in the one Confluence

Using Sites, you can include more than one use case in a unique Confluence. As an example you could have one office location collaborating on one site and another location on another site. Both sites sit within the same Confluence.

Visual Confluence Site homes and Category Homes

Using the new layout editor it is easy to build highly visual
landing pages, site homes, and category homes. Built layouts by adding content sections to the page, and content modules to those sections.


Content Modules for Site Homes and Site Categories

Display content in an engaging way on your themed Confluence using our content modules. There is a large collection to choose from depending on the purpose of your Site home or category home.

View Permissions and Text Variables

In the RefinedTheme for Confluence layout editor, add Permissions to layout sections so that selected user groups or users can see the selected content. This is a great way of displaying what matters to the users. For further personalization, you can add Text Variables to the search highlight module, so that the user or team automatically get a personal welcome message.

More ways to search for content

Add a search form to Confluence Site and Category homes. Within the module editor you can configure which part of the site you want the content to be pulled from. For example, Astrid who works in IT department would only get search hits for content in the IT category.

Navigation Potential

Confluence Site organization and menu navigation, category organization organization and drop down menu, plus navigation icons and highlights on site and category home are just some of the new ways navigation is improved with the new release.

Theming on a Space Level

In the new release you can add a single space as a site, meaning you can theme this differently to the other sites, or remove the theme all together.


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