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Theme and customize Jira Service Desk customer portals

Making Jira Service Desk customer portals customizable 

Theming is now available for Jira Service Desk to give your customers a user friendly, personalized service experience.

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Refine the IT service experience by adding a theme to represent your company design, display content in an appealing and simple to navigate way, and extend the self service. Theme for Jira Service Desk is also mobile responsive.

Represent your brand

Represent your company brand by creating a neat skin for the entire Jira Service Desk, and/or individual customer portals using our inbuilt ThemeEditor

Customized customer portals

Use simple editors to customize customer facing portals by adding rich structured content, quick link icons, and improved organization from templates. No coding required.

Extend the self service

Connect answers to more spaces than just one, add recommended links, and display the content the matters in an easy to navigate, modern, branded interface

Show the right content to the right users

The latest release introduces permissions to customer portals. You can now control which user or user groups see which section on a customer portal.

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RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk customers

Since February 2017 a rapidly increasing number of customers have adopted RefinedTheme for Jira Service Desk

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Affordable theming app for teams of all sizes using Jira Service Desk

RefinedTheme for JIRA Service Desk

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