For Confluence Server

Handy UI tools for your Confluence pages



RefinedToolkit is a free app courtesy of RefinedWiki and works terrifically in combination with RefinedTheme for Confluence to further improve the user interface of Confluence.

A picture tells a thousand words

With UI Image display an image, automatically resizable to your screen to smarten up and customize a space or a page. Add a tagline if you feel like it.

Step it up, expand your reach

UI Steps give you clear cut step by step instruction or listing capability, while UI Expand allows you to display content in an expandable box.

UI Tools galore

RefinedToolkit comes bundled with many handy UI tools for a Confluence user experience you would be foolish to miss out on. UI buttons, UI Text box, UI Tabs, UI Children, UI Children Cards, all make for a Confluence interface users will find very useful.


Over 4000 customers use our free add-on RefinedToolkit for Confluence pages.